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Szpachlówki i podkłady szkutnicze

Race Planet Baltic Cup started on Polish coast in 2016.  During two edition we hosted 60 boats and about 150 sailors. The regatta partners are: Seaport Kołobrzeg, Marina Kołobrzeg, Red Bull, G.Gerlach, DAD Sportswear, Hiveberg, Code Zero, Sea-Line, Neptun, Sailor Port.

Patrons: Mayor of Kołobrzeg, TVP3 Szczcin, Żagle + Jachty motorowe

III edition Planet Baltic Cup will be held on May 20 -21, IV edition – August  26 -27

The Planet Baltic Cup regatta has been included to official calendar West Pomeranian District Sailing Association in class ORC. Accept yachts taking parts in ORC traditionally will start also contestant from class Sigma Active and NHC.

Racing will start on Friday – training day

On Saturday official check in at 9:30 am. Start is scheduled at 11 am. After race all contestant are invited for party in Marina Kołobrzeg. Finish regatta is scheduled on Sunday at 14.

Planet Baltic Cup



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