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For the production and renovation of yachts – polishing system

Polishing products are used both in the production of models, moulds, new laminate boats, as well as in broadly understood renovation works. The Sea-Line polishing system will help you easily and quickly remove such defects as scratches, matting or chalking. After polishing, the surface of the gelcoat, paints and varnish remains smooth and shiny, and protected against the adverse effects of sunlight and sea water.

The Sea-Line yacht polishing system includes pastes with a wide cutting spectrum and different gloss levels, cleaning and control fluids, protective waxes and a range of polishing applicators.

Scheme of work with the polishing system.

Product selection

The polishing system consists in the appropriate selection of polishing paste, applicator and sandpaper for the surface. The harder the surface, the stronger the cutting paste will be used for polishing. The developed instructions will help you choose the right products. In the case of industrial plants, e.g. shipyards or laminate production plants, our technicians develop individual schemes depending on the customer’s needs.

Getting started

We start the work by cleaning the surface and then uniform sanding. Suggested paper grits can be found in the already mentioned polishing instructions and in the product data sheets. Always clean the surface of grinding dust after grinding.

Polishing paste application technique

First, apply a small amount of paste to a clean polishing head to impregnate it. Then we apply the paste to the surface to be polished. The easiest way is to apply it by creating parallel X marks. In the next step, with the polishing head, spread the X-shaped paste over the entire surface. This will be the surface to be polished in one step.


The compound should cover the entire area to be polished, but too much will cause:

Longer working time necessary to grind and develop a paste.
Sticking of the polishing fur, thus reducing the cutting power of the paste.
Increasing the consumption of polishing paste.

Polishing technique

In the case of most Sea-Line pastes, the condition for effective work is to start working at a very slow speed of the device. It will be in the range of 800-1000 rpm. We increase the speed only when the paste changes its consistency and starts to resemble a slightly transparent emulsion.

The polishing machine should be run at an even, slow pace. Thanks to this, it is possible to effectively remove surface defects. Moving too fast or making irregular movements over the surface reduces polishing efficiency and extends working time. It can also lead to defects.

Surface protection after polishing

The surface can be protected with S4 or S5 Sea-Line wax.

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