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Sea Line farby jachtowe

Sea-Line® fillers are designed for refilling and tackling inequalities caused by damage to or during the course of production. Available from Sea-Line – epoxy and polyester fillers.

Sea-Line ® Epoxy Fillers

Epoxy fillers are the only fillers recommended for use on boat hulls permanently submerged in water. Epoxy fillers do not absorb water and have antiosmotic properties, as well as corrosion resistance. They do not contain solvents and are characterized by low shrinkage, which allows for a thick, one-time application.
Sea-Line® Epoxy Filler is a ready to use product with perfectly matched components. It has a very good grip, proper hardness, resistance to weather conditions and very high mechanical strength.

Sea-Line ® Polyester Fillers

Recommended for filling in cracks and faults in parts of the boat that are not exposed to constant contact with water, as well as for making molds and hooves.

Polyester fillers have a very fast drying/hardening time: just 25-30 minutes at 20ºC.

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