Yachting paints and fillers

Sea-Line® modern and efficient yachting paint and fillers comprising a complete system designed to build, repair, maintenance of yachts and boats. Our products in combination with technical support and readable instruction, ensures you easy work, long lasting effect and stress-free recreation.
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Our products

  • SZPACHLÓWKI Refilling and to tackle inequalities caused by damage to or during the course of production

    Smooth surface


  • PODKŁADY EPOKSYDOWE Protects boat surfaces from the effects of destructive activities osmosis and corrosion



  • LAKIERY NAWIERZCHNIOWE Provide an aesthetic and a perfect look of the boat also protective against water and UV radiation

    Aesthetics and beauty


  • FARBY ANTYPOROSTOWE Protect the hull from fouling with algae and shells

    Bottom protection


  • SYSTEM POLERSKI Effectively remove scratches, refresh the color of gelcoat or paint, fast shine effect

    Color and gloss


  • Kosmetyki dla łodzi Special preparations for effective cleaning and refinishing

    Care and protection


  • ŻYWICE I ZESTAWY NAPRAWCZE Laminating, gluing and filling in cracks in gelcoat

    Repairs and laminating


  • DODATKI Range of products useful in the boat builder work




News and promotions

  • Sea-Line joins trade association ICOMIA

    Sea-Line joins trade association ICOMIA

    We are pround to join ICOMIA as a Sustaining Member. ICOMIA is the international trade association representing the global marine industry since 1966. ICOMIA brings together marine industry associations from across the world in one global organisation and represents them at international level, presenting a strong and united voice when dealing with issues challenging the […]

  • Do you know that last year we modern epoxy fillers recipes?

    Do you know that last year we modern epoxy fillers recipes?

    Do you know that last year we modern epoxy fillers recipes?  To avoid confusions check on label if product is marked with ikon “new” or not. To find TDS and SDS cards please click this link DOWNLOAD. Below differences for each Sea-Line epoxy filler. . . . . Epoxy filler lightweight  Epoxy filler lightweight Old […]

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