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Sea Line farby jachtowe
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POLYURETHAN CLEAR COAT (transparente)descargasdescargasdescargas
POLYURETHAN 2:1 (color)descargasdescargasdescargas
SPRAY THINNER (disolvante)XdescargasX
BRUSH / ROLL THINNER (disolvante)XdescargasX
YACHT VARNISH 1KdownloaddescargasX
YACHT ENAMEL 1KdownloaddescargasX
THINNER 1K (for primer, varnish, enamel)XdescargasX
TOP MODELCOAT 2:1descargasdescargasdescargas
SPRAY THINNER for top modelcoat (disolvante)XdescargasX
O1 TEAK OILdownloaddescargasX

Nuestras FAQ
Respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes

Can I use selfpolishing Sea-Line and HARD Sea-Line antifoulings on aluminium boat?

Sea-Line HARD and Sea-Line self-polishing antifouling are not intended for aluminum surfaces. They include copper oxide, which in contact with aluminum causes galvanic corrosion. Especially on aluminum, we offer ALU-PLUS self-polishing anti-fouling paint, which, in addition to excellent adhesion to aluminum, is also 30% more effective than traditional anti-fouling paints.

Why are the streaks formed?

Possible causes

  • Wrong viscosity and spraying technique,
  • Failure to maintain proper evaporation time and thickness of layers,
  • Incorrect spraying pressure,
  • Too low temperature of varnish, surface or space ,
  • Wrong thinner or hardener.

How to prevent

  • Apply the right type of application method indicated by manufacturer,
  • Use working spray guns,
  • Both the object and material must have room temperature of 20ﹾC,
  • Apply correct proportion of base and hardener.

How to remove

  • Grinding and polishing,
  • Grinding and painting,

Why the paint does not have the right flow?

Possible causes

  • No thinning, wrong thinner or wrong amount of thinner
  • Wrong type of roll or brush (wrong bristle lenght)
  • Applying too much or too Little paint,
  • During painting process temperature was too high or the air was too dry,
  • Incorrect preparation of too porous surface,
  • Incorrect proportion of thinner.

How to prevent

  • Use a brush/Toller suited to the type of surface or paint,
  • Use thinner which is dedicated to the type of application and paints
  • Use thinning proportions which was indicated by manufacturer,
  • Paint in right atmosphere conditions indicated by manufacturer,

How to remove

  • Grind, clean and paint again.
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