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Kosmetyki do naprawy łodzi oraz jachtów
S0 – FAST CUT & MEDIUM GLOSSdescargasdescargas
S05 – ONE STEP, HEAVY CUT & GLOSS (for gelcoat)downloaddescargas
S07 – HEAVY CUT (for gelcoat)downloaddescargas
S08 – INDUSTRIAL FORCE CUTdownloaddescargas
S1 – SOFT CUT & GLOSS (Liquid)descargasdescargas
S1 PREMIUM – ONE STEP, CUT & HIGH GLOSSdownloaddescargas
S2 – EXTRA SHINE HOLOGRAM REMOVER (acabado de pulido)descargasdescargas
S3 – FINISH CLEANER (shine control)downloaddescargas
S4 – PROTECT WAXdownloaddescargas
S5 – QUICK WAXdownloaddescargas

Nuestras FAQ
Respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes

Can I paint a boat, previously painted with 1 component paint, with polyurethane?

No, polyurethane is a 2-component paint (base + hardener) and after applying 2-component paint to 1-component paint, the proper adhesion of the paint to the surface will not be maintained, the paint will begin to wrinkle and surface defects will appear.

Can I degrease surfaces with acetone?

We do not recommend degreasing the surface with acetone, because acetone evaporates very quickly, which affects the quality of cleaning the painted surface.

Why are the streaks formed?

Possible causes

  • Wrong viscosity and spraying technique,
  • Failure to maintain proper evaporation time and thickness of layers,
  • Incorrect spraying pressure,
  • Too low temperature of varnish, surface or space ,
  • Wrong thinner or hardener.

How to prevent

  • Apply the right type of application method indicated by manufacturer,
  • Use working spray guns,
  • Both the object and material must have room temperature of 20ﹾC,
  • Apply correct proportion of base and hardener.

How to remove

  • Grinding and polishing,
  • Grinding and painting,
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