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Kosmetyki do naprawy łodzi oraz jachtów
MAK 707

„…  It was not easy,  hard job on knees with mask and glasses. Feeling like 40 years ago during military trainings.

Sea-line products (as most of modern paints) let’s amatours for quiet good application. Now my yacht Sombra Blanca has best bottom on the world. In few weeks I’m going to be back on the water”

Witold /Wrocław



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Answers to frequently asked questions

Contamination in topcoat paint?

Possible causes

  • Inaccurate surface cleaning before paint application,
  • Incorrect painting tools preparation (brush and roll),
  • Performing work in a place exposed to constant contact with dust.

How to prevent

  • Careful surface preparation (grinding, clearing, degreasing),
  • Careful painting tools preparation before use,
  • Maintain clean work environment

How to remove

  • Grind, clean and paint again.

Can I use universal thinner?

We do not recommend using universal thinners. The use of a thinner with an unknown composition may result in loss of adhesion, lack of proper flow of paint and varnish defects.

Why did the polyurethane topcoat become dull?

Possible causes

  • Too short time for evaporation of the thinner,

How to prevent

  • Maintain the right conditions for complete evaporation of the thinner,

How to remove

  • Mat the surface, degrease and apply the paint according to the rule (right conditions and thinning proportions)
  • Polish surface if needed.
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