NEW OFFER! Polishing Past for professionlas

NEW OFFER! Polishing Past for professionlas
New in offer product S0 – Brayt Sea-Line is polishing paste designed for professionals – companies producing molds and products where the outer layer of the gel coat or industrial topcoat with a high degree of hardness.
S0 removes defects after sanding grit sandpaper even P800 (depending on the hardness of the surface).
Pasta machine is designed to work. Machining maximum speed of 1800 RPM.
Brayt S0 cooperating with wool applicators, and made ​​of hard sponges. We get a surface gloss.
Pastes BRAYT Sea-Line does not contain silicones or fillers which mask features temporarily. Due to such pastes BRAYT Sea-Line is stable and does not go away after wiping the surface with acetone;)
Package 1kg .
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