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Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you have to paint the scratched side of the boat?

If the scratches are not deep, then we can renew the scratched side by polishing with Sea-Line polishing pastes. Above the waterline, when the scratches are not deep, the surface can be repaired with a DRY FAST gel coat filler. Deep scratches should be filled with epoxy filler (selected depending on the requirements of the scratched surface), painted with a primer and then painted with topcoat.

Contamination in topcoat paint?

Possible causes

  • Inaccurate surface cleaning before paint application,
  • Incorrect painting tools preparation (brush and roll),
  • Performing work in a place exposed to constant contact with dust.

How to prevent

  • Careful surface preparation (grinding, clearing, degreasing),
  • Careful painting tools preparation before use,
  • Maintain clean work environment

How to remove

  • Grind, clean and paint again.

Can I paint a boat, previously painted with 1 component paint, with polyurethane?

It is not recommended to apply 2K paints over 1K paints. 1K and 2K inks differ in their composition and properties, including hardness, chemical resistance and durability. 1K paints are one-component and dry by evaporating the solvent, while 2K paints are two-component and need to be cured by adding a hardener. Applying 2K paint over 1K paint can cause unpredictable chemical reactions and lead to undesirable effects such as dulling, chipping or flaking of the paint. Therefore, always use paints according to the manufacturer’s instructions and do not mix different types of paints. farby zgodnie z instrukcjami producenta i nie mieszać różnych rodzajów farb.

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