Polishing system

Polishing system

Polishing system based on very versatile and easy to work polishing paste and complementary products and materials in the form of lotions, applicators, wipes, I mean everything that is needed to get the best end result.

Polishing paste Brayt® S1 is a very effective polishing agent containing no silicone. Recommended for polishing boat gelcoat surfaces, manufacture of composites and topcoats. It quickly removes defects after sanding with sandpaper, and other damage in use to guarantee receipt of an ideal surface.

The second product recommended for applications is our hobby emulsion Brayt® S2. It is designed to remove any minor surface defects and refresh dark colors, which inherently have a strong tendency to discolour.

To preserve the beautiful effect for a long time to complete our work, we offer liquid Brayt® S3. It is a product for those who want to keep boats to sail always they look beautiful. The liquid S3 is very versatile and its use is very easy. We sprayed surface without worrying about whether it is a gelcoat, paint or glass with a gasket or plastic part. Simply spray, spread it and wipe to a shine.

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