Resins and repair kit

Resins are use to repair damage – laminating, gluing and sealing cavities. Resin can also be used in the process of rebuilding the boat, and serves to strengthen the glass-reinforced polyester.

The resin is selected depending on the type of work to be done. You can choose between epoxy and polyester resins. Epoxy resin is suitable for repairing laminate because it has a great grip and does not absorb water. It is recommended for bonding and laminating elements that require high resistance, above and below the water line. The main advantages of epoxy resin include high strength, better adhesion and greater resistance to damage from water. Polyester resin is used for quick, mainly aesthetic mechanical repairs. The advantages of polyester resin include a lower price, quick drying/hardening time, lower exorthermic peak and easier processing. It is recommended for laminating and repairing above the water line, in components that do not require high strength..

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