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Lichens do not stand a chance

„The holiday period ended and my yacht was left for 2 months in one of the north ports of Giżycko. Sailors know that it is related to the permanent exposure to strong Autumn winds which may contain many pollutions and enhanced probability of the settlement of algae and lichens on the bottom of the yacht. That’s what indeed happened to my Twister. When in November I pulled it out from the port basin, sadly I noticed what I had expected – the bottom was almost completely black due to the lichens.

Just before the arrival, on the Internet I was watching products of various companies and I came across C1 Sea-Line – the anti-fouling product. As a rule, I do not trust new products without getting an opinion about them, but a simple description of use and a comfortable sprayer tempted me to buy this product. While washing the yacht there was a drizzle which made it more difficult to maintain the applied anti-fouling product on the hulk so I continuously had to cover the elements, which I was washing, with a tilt.

At the same time I was hurrying because it seemed that there was going to be a downpour in the evening. In spite of inconvenience and the lack of appropriate equipment (I was spreading the anti-fouling product with a simple brush and the rain was rinsing it), the effect was surprising. Just like it says in the manual, after the second wash, the yacht looked the way it looked like during the regattas – white and fragrant. Anti-fouling C1 is an excellent product for a very affordable price. I have experienced myself that it is worth buying Sea-Line products, therefore during the next season I am going to secure the whole bottom with Sea-Line® S4 Protect Wax.”

We kindly thank Jacek from Warsaw for the materials.


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Answers to frequently asked questions

Can I paint the bottom of the boat with polyurethane paint?

Yes, you can paint the bottom of the boat with polyurethane paint due to its high mechanical strength. We recommend this solution when the boat is not launched for a long time and is not exposed to fouling.

Is it necessary to always sand the surface between application of two different products?

We recommend to always sand the surface between applying two different products to ensure uniform surface roughness and adhesion of subsequent layers. The sanded surface should also be cleaned and degreased.

Contamination in topcoat paint?

Possible causes

  • Inaccurate surface cleaning before paint application,
  • Incorrect painting tools preparation (brush and roll),
  • Performing work in a place exposed to constant contact with dust.

How to prevent

  • Careful surface preparation (grinding, clearing, degreasing),
  • Careful painting tools preparation before use,
  • Maintain clean work environment

How to remove

  • Grind, clean and paint again.
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