New antifouling

Farby antyporostowe
New antifouling

New antifouling and completing the offer

HARD ANTIFOULING  is recommended to protect areas below the water line. Suitable for all kind of motorboats up to 70 knots speed. It can be also used on sailboats.
Recommended for salt, fresh and mixed water. Due to increased hardness is resistance to damage.
HARD ANTIFOULING Sea-Line can be applied on hulls made of laminate, steel, wooden. Don’t use on aluminium.
Paint in colour : red, blue and black in 0,75 l or 2,5 l can.

NEW COLOUR ALUPLUS SELF-POLISHING. For people, who search paint with high  efficiency and for area on big fouling, we recommended self polishing antifouling ALUPLUS. In season 2018 we add to offer colors blue and black. Available packing in can 0,75l and 2,5 l. The output and efficiency of the paint is 30% higher than with traditional products. It can be applied on hulls made of aluminium.

THINNER FOR ANTIFOULING Thinner for antifouling it’s last product in completing the offer antifouling paint. Thinner it’s product for all antifouling paint Sea-Line. We don’t recommended thinning paint more 5%.

nowe kolory antofouling

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