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ISO 9001

Standard ISO 9001 concerns quality management. The main requirements of this standard include among others the implementation of supervision over documents and entries, engagement of the management in the creation of quality management system, systematized resources management, establishment of the product realization processes, making systematic measurements (goods, processes and customer satisfaction).The implementation of the system ISO 9001 influences the quality of our brand. It increases the effectiveness and speed of reaction to client needs, the result of which is client’s growing satisfaction from our services. Obtaining the certificate improves the work efficiency and guarantees constant control of our goods.

ISO 14001

The aim of the norm ISO 14001 concerning environment management is helping organizations as far as the influence of their activity, goods and services on the environment is concerned. It also aims at the reduction of the influence on the environment and effective use of the available resources on each stage of the activity.The standard ISO 14001 does not include absolute requirements concerning environmental activity of a given company. It requires the organization to operate in accordance with provisions that it included in the environmental policy, to observe legal regulations, to identify environmental aspects on the basis of which the list of aspects with the specification of aspects significant in the company activity is created. On the basis of these aspects, the company should define its objectives, tasks and environmental programmes. The major and most important requirement of the standard is the company constant aiming at self-perfection


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Can I add more hardener to speed up the reaction?

Do not add more hardener, because after the base has cured, the remaining hardener will react with subsequent layers, which will be applied to the surface and cause defects. For the product to work properly, please follow the proportions given by the manufacturer.

Why did the polyurethane topcoat become dull?

Possible causes

  • Too short time for evaporation of the thinner,

How to prevent

  • Maintain the right conditions for complete evaporation of the thinner,

How to remove

  • Mat the surface, degrease and apply the paint according to the rule (right conditions and thinning proportions)
  • Polish surface if needed.

Why despite the use of antifouing paint the bottom of the boat is overgrown?

Possible causes

  • Too thin layer of antifouling paint,
  • Choosing the wrong antifouling to type of a boat or yacht
  • Thinning of antifouling paint,
  • Incorrect surface preparation before antifouling application.

How to prevent

  • Apply the right layer thickness of paint indicated by manufacturer,
  • Choose antifouling dedicated to type of boat or yacht and suitable for the type of water,
  • Do not thin antifouling because of the risk of reducing effectiveness,
  • Careful surface preparations (grinding, clearing, degreasing),

How to remove

  • Wet grinding, apply new layers of antifouling paint.
  • Use C1 shell and fouling remover.
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