Product of the year by Żagle

Product of the year by Żagle

We are happy to share with you good news. Gelcoat Filler DRY FAST was nominated for award YACHTING PRODUCT OF THE YEAR by most popular Polish sailing magazine “Żagle (Sails).

Gelcot filler DRY FAST is the product which had premiere in January 2017. 

This innovative product allows for easy and fast repair scratches on gelcoat.

What make new product so great?

• Convenient application: the hardener is a paste, and the hardener in the old product was a liquid
• Speed of repair: curing time is only 4 hours where the previous version needed a minimum of 12 or 24 hours
• Possibility to match the color to damage: the filler is available in two colors: snow white RAL 9010 and cream white RAL 9001

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More information about Gelcoat filler DRY FAST.

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