About us

About us

The TROTON Corporation has worked in the field of chemical products since 1978. The way we make a high-quality product is by combining our many years of experience with the most up-to-date technology. Our mission is to produce modern specialist products based on polyester and epoxy resins.
Anticipating and responding to the needs of the market, we’ve created SeaLine – a line of products created for building, repairing, and touching up boats, yachts, and other sea-going craft.

These are the values which guide our work:

Quality – The highest quality raw materials, and high quality production in accordance with quality control protocol ISO 9001:2000, allow us to create the highest quality products.

Professionalism – We believe that a truly great product cannot be universal.  A product for all situations doesn’t really do a good job in any of them. Our customers are exceptional – we make our products to the specific demands of highly specialized professionals.

Openness – We listen to the market very carefully and get to know our customers’ problems. Our products are sold in Poland, western and Central Europe, Russia, and countries of the former USSR.

Ethics – is the overarching principle which guides both our internal company relations and our relations with our customers. Our honest business practices have gained wide recognition, and we have won many awards: the Fair Play association, “Gazele Biznesu”, “Polski Sukces”, and the Newsweek Responsible Business Award. You can read more in the chapter titled “Awards and Certificates”.

Caring for the natural environment – We care for our natural environment by being involved and by working in accordance with ISO protocol 14001:2004.

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