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Много мощен водоразтворим, биоразградим концентрат за бързо и ефикасно възстановяване на тиковото дърво. C4 възстановява цвета и не оставя следи (за разлика от продукти на киселинна основа). Също така е безопасен за уплътнения.

Разтворете във вода. За нормално замърсяване добавете 1 част от C4 на 20 части вода. За силно замърсяване добавете 1 част от C4 на 10 части вода. Първо, обилно напоете повърхността с вода. Използвайте подходяща метла или четка, за да изтъркате палубата с С4, перпендикулярно на жилките на дървото. Изплакнете обилно с вода.


250 ml / Код: 300006981

STEP BY STEP – Sea-Line®  C4 Teak Cleaner

How to restore wood ?

Wood, over time, may start to look like in the picture below. It can easily and quickly be restored. C4 Teak Cleaner can be used on all kinds of wood used in boatbuilding. C4 is recommended also as a compound cleaning wooden elements (benches, tables, balustrades or entresols) in a household.

C4 TEAK CLEANER drewno przed uzyciem

STEP 1 – Soak the surface

Before you start cleaning, soak the surface thoroughly  and let it absorb water.

C4 TEAK CLEANER uzycie preparatu

STEP 2 – Prepare Sea-Line C4 Teak Cleaner

Thin Sea-Line C4 Teak Cleaner with water at a ratio of:
•    1:10 for heavy contaminants
•    1:20  for average contaminants

C4 TEAK CLEANER uzycie preparatu

STEP 3 – Wood cleaning

Leaving C4 Teak Cleaner on the surface max. 15 minutes before starting the cleaning, will make it easier to clean it efficiently. C4 Teak Cleaner should not dry out on the surface after application.

C4 TEAK CLEANER uzycie preparatu

Using a soft brush, remove contaminants moving along the growth rings.

C4 TEAK CLEANER uzycie preparatu

STEP 4 – Rinse

Removed  contaminants and the product residues, rinse abundantly with water. Do not let contaminants dry out on the cleaned surface.

C4 TEAK CLEANER uzycie preparatu

STEP 5 – Efect after first cleaning

If necessary, fragments which were not cleaned for the first time due to high contamination and require more thorough cleaning, should be cleaned again.

C4 TEAK CLEANER uzycie preparatu

STEP 6- Secure

After drying, wood can be secured with teak oil.

Sea-Line® C4 TEAK CLEANER  is biodegradable, water-soluble product for quick and efficient cleaning of teak wood, exotic wood and other kinds of wood. C4 Teak restores the colour and leaves no residues difficult to remove. The product is safe for sealants and adhesives during the wood cleaning.

The picture shows a cleaned surface (right side) and its condition before using C4 Teak Cleaner (left side).

C4 TEAK CLEANER efekt uzycia preparatu

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