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S5 Quick Wax

Sea-Line Brayt S5 it is quick and easy in use product on base wax, recommended for every smooth and gloss surfaces (laminate, varnish and glass). After use S5 QUICK WAX we get color depth and gloss. Has an excellent hydrophobic and maintenance properties. Does not leave streaks on the plastics and rubber surfaces.

Sea-Line S5 Quick Wax is a product which is recommended after polishing surfaces with Sea-Line polishing compounds.

Wax can be used on surfaces exposed on sunlight.

Does not leave streaks.

Wash the surface before use Sea-Line® S5 QUICK WAX:



Typelaminates (gelcoat)
varnished surfaces
plexi, polycarbonate
FunctionUV protection

Reduces the adhesion of dirt








For daily maintenance we should use products which will gonna be safe for wax layer:

Technical information:


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Le nostre FAQ
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Can I use universal thinner?

We do not recommend using universal thinners. The use of a thinner with an unknown composition may result in loss of adhesion, lack of proper flow of paint and varnish defects.

Can I add more hardener to speed up the reaction?

Do not add more hardener, because after the base has cured, the remaining hardener will react with subsequent layers, which will be applied to the surface and cause defects. For the product to work properly, please follow the proportions given by the manufacturer.

Why are the streaks formed?

Possible causes

  • Wrong viscosity and spraying technique,
  • Failure to maintain proper evaporation time and thickness of layers,
  • Incorrect spraying pressure,
  • Too low temperature of varnish, surface or space ,
  • Wrong thinner or hardener.

How to prevent

  • Apply the right type of application method indicated by manufacturer,
  • Use working spray guns,
  • Both the object and material must have room temperature of 20ﹾC,
  • Apply correct proportion of base and hardener.

How to remove

  • Grinding and polishing,
  • Grinding and painting,
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