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EPOXY RESIN NEWtéléchargertéléchargertélécharger
POLYESTER RESINtéléchargertéléchargertélécharger
RÉSINE – kit de réparation
EPOXY REPAIR KIT NEWtéléchargertéléchargertélécharger
POLYESTER REPAIR KITtéléchargertéléchargertélécharger

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Réponses aux questions fréquemment posées

Can I paint a boat, previously painted with 1 component paint, with polyurethane?

No, polyurethane is a 2-component paint (base + hardener) and after applying 2-component paint to 1-component paint, the proper adhesion of the paint to the surface will not be maintained, the paint will begin to wrinkle and surface defects will appear.

Can I add some thinner to antifouling paint?

There is a possibility of thinning antifouling, but we do not recommend this procedure due to the risk of reducing the effectiveness of the paint. If it is necessary to thin the antifouling paint, it is recommended to dilute it to a maximum of 0-5% (by volume).

Can I degrease surfaces with acetone?

We do not recommend degreasing the surface with acetone, because acetone evaporates very quickly, which affects the quality of cleaning the painted surface.

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