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S0 – FAST CUT & MEDIUM GLOSSdownloadscaricare
S05 – ONE STEP, HEAVY CUT & GLOSS (for gelcoat)downloadscaricare
S07 – HEAVY CUT (for gelcoat)downloadscaricare
S08 – INDUSTRIAL FORCE CUTdownloadscaricare
S1 – SOFT CUT & GLOSS (Liquid)downloadscaricare
S1 PREMIUM – ONE STEP, CUT & HIGH GLOSSdownloadscaricare
S2 – EXTRA SHINE HOLOGRAM REMOVER (pasta abrasiva per finitura)downloadscaricare
S3 – FINISH CLEANER (shine control)downloadscaricare
S4 – PROTECT WAXdownloadscaricare
S5 – QUICK WAXdownloadscaricare

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Risposte alle domande più frequenti

Can I use yacht paints for a drinking water tank?

Sea-Line yacht paints are designed for painting the surface of boats and yachts made of various materials, e.g. laminate, wood or steel. We do not have a certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene, which would allow the use of yacht paint to paint the tank with drinking water.

Why does the paint have no adhesion?

Possible causes

  • Wrong surface preparation,
  • Skipping the primer in the system application process,
  • Use of universal thinners or replacements ,
  • Paint incompatibility.

How to prevent

  • Correct surface preparation (grinding, clearing, degreasing),
  • Use primers which improve adhesion of paints,
  • Use thinners which are dedicated to each paints,
  • Use of paints which are compatible to each other.

How to remove

  • Grind, clean and paint again.

Why the resin does not harden?

Possible causes

  • Too low temperature of ambitne,
  • Incorrect proportion of base and herdener,
  • Mixing two components from two different manufacturers

How to prevent

  • Apply the correct proportions of components
  • Maintain steady temperature (around 20ﹾC) during whole hardening process,
  • Mix the products thoroughly and bleed the mixture.

How to remove

  • The uncured mass requires complete removal from the surface.
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