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GELCOAT FILLER “DRY FAST” (styren free)downloaddescargasdownload
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Nuestras FAQ
Respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes

Is it necessary to always sand the surface between application of two different products?

We recommend to always sand the surface between applying two different products to ensure uniform surface roughness and adhesion of subsequent layers. The sanded surface should also be cleaned and degreased.

Can I add some thinner to antifouling paint?

There is a possibility of thinning antifouling, but we do not recommend this procedure due to the risk of reducing the effectiveness of the paint. If it is necessary to thin the antifouling paint, it is recommended to dilute it to a maximum of 0-5% (by volume).

Why does the paint have no adhesion?

Possible causes

  • Wrong surface preparation,
  • Skipping the primer in the system application process,
  • Use of universal thinners or replacements ,
  • Paint incompatibility.

How to prevent

  • Correct surface preparation (grinding, clearing, degreasing),
  • Use primers which improve adhesion of paints,
  • Use thinners which are dedicated to each paints,
  • Use of paints which are compatible to each other.

How to remove

  • Grind, clean and paint again.
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