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EPOXY FILLER UNIVERSALdescargasdescargasdescargas
EPOXY FILLER LIGHTWEIGHT (ligera)descargasdescargasdescargas
EPOXY FILLER FIBREGLASS (fibra de vibrio)descargasdescargasdescargas
POLYESTER FILLER UNIVERSALdescargasdescargasdownload
POLYESTER FILLER UNIVERSAL (styrene low)downloaddescargasdownload
POLYESTER FILLER LIGHTWEIGHT (ligera)descargasdescargasdescargas
POLYESTER FILLER FIBREGLASS (fibra de vibrio)descargasdescargasdescargas
POLYESTER FILLER FIBREGLASS (styrene low)downloaddescargasdescargas
POLYESTER FILLER MODELLING (para moldeado)descargasdescargasdescargas
POLYESTER SPRAY FILLER (para pistola)descargasdescargasdownload

Nuestras FAQ
Respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes

Why despite the use of antifouing paint the bottom of the boat is overgrown?

Possible causes

  • Too thin layer of antifouling paint,
  • Choosing the wrong antifouling to type of a boat or yacht
  • Thinning of antifouling paint,
  • Incorrect surface preparation before antifouling application.

How to prevent

  • Apply the right layer thickness of paint indicated by manufacturer,
  • Choose antifouling dedicated to type of boat or yacht and suitable for the type of water,
  • Do not thin antifouling because of the risk of reducing effectiveness,
  • Careful surface preparations (grinding, clearing, degreasing),

How to remove

  • Wet grinding, apply new layers of antifouling paint.
  • Use C1 shell and fouling remover.

Why the paint does not have the right flow?

Possible causes

  • No thinning, wrong thinner or wrong amount of thinner
  • Wrong type of roll or brush (wrong bristle lenght)
  • Applying too much or too Little paint,
  • During painting process temperature was too high or the air was too dry,
  • Incorrect preparation of too porous surface,
  • Incorrect proportion of thinner.

How to prevent

  • Use a brush/Toller suited to the type of surface or paint,
  • Use thinner which is dedicated to the type of application and paints
  • Use thinning proportions which was indicated by manufacturer,
  • Paint in right atmosphere conditions indicated by manufacturer,

How to remove

  • Grind, clean and paint again.

Can I use universal thinner?

We do not recommend using universal thinners. The use of a thinner with an unknown composition may result in loss of adhesion, lack of proper flow of paint and varnish defects.

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