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Producent farb jachtowych
(comp. A)(comp. B)
POLYURETHAN CLEAR COAT (transparente)descargasdescargasdescargas
POLYURETHAN 2:1 (color)descargasdescargasdescargas
SPRAY THINNER (disolvante)XdescargasX
BRUSH / ROLL THINNER (disolvante)XdescargasX
YACHT VARNISH 1KdownloaddescargasX
YACHT ENAMEL 1KdownloaddescargasX
THINNER 1K (for primer, varnish, enamel)XdescargasX
TOP MODELCOAT 2:1descargasdescargasdescargas
SPRAY THINNER for top modelcoat (disolvante)XdescargasX
O1 TEAK OILdownloaddescargasX

Nuestras FAQ
Respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes

Why the resin does not harden?

Possible causes

  • Too low temperature of ambitne,
  • Incorrect proportion of base and herdener,
  • Mixing two components from two different manufacturers

How to prevent

  • Apply the correct proportions of components
  • Maintain steady temperature (around 20ﹾC) during whole hardening process,
  • Mix the products thoroughly and bleed the mixture.

How to remove

  • The uncured mass requires complete removal from the surface.

Can I use universal thinner?

We do not recommend using universal thinners. The use of a thinner with an unknown composition may result in loss of adhesion, lack of proper flow of paint and varnish defects.

Can I paint a boat, previously painted with 1 component paint, with polyurethane?

No, polyurethane is a 2-component paint (base + hardener) and after applying 2-component paint to 1-component paint, the proper adhesion of the paint to the surface will not be maintained, the paint will begin to wrinkle and surface defects will appear.

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