Sea-Line joins trade association ICOMIA

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Sea-Line joins trade association ICOMIA

We are pround to join ICOMIA as a Sustaining Member.

ICOMIA is the international trade association representing the global marine industry since 1966. ICOMIA brings together marine industry associations from across the world in one global organisation and represents them at international level, presenting a strong and united voice when dealing with issues challenging the industry.

Main reason why we are joining ICOMIA is the fact that the chemical industry where we operate is facing with dynamical changes in regulations of EU and regulations of individual countries. Sometimes directives are contradictory or difficult to interpret. We hope that with the support of the chamber we will be able to keep up with them and be ahead of them enough to offer our customers a safe and sustainable product. We are looking forward to synergy of community of yachting paints and chemicals producers.


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Answers to frequently asked questions

Why are the streaks formed?

Possible causes

  • Wrong viscosity and spraying technique,
  • Failure to maintain proper evaporation time and thickness of layers,
  • Incorrect spraying pressure,
  • Too low temperature of varnish, surface or space ,
  • Wrong thinner or hardener.

How to prevent

  • Apply the right type of application method indicated by manufacturer,
  • Use working spray guns,
  • Both the object and material must have room temperature of 20ﹾC,
  • Apply correct proportion of base and hardener.

How to remove

  • Grinding and polishing,
  • Grinding and painting,

Can I paint the bottom of the boat with polyurethane paint?

Yes, you can paint the bottom of the boat with polyurethane paint due to its high mechanical strength. We recommend this solution when the boat is not launched for a long time and is not exposed to fouling.

Can I add more hardener to speed up the reaction?

Do not add more hardener, because after the base has cured, the remaining hardener will react with subsequent layers, which will be applied to the surface and cause defects. For the product to work properly, please follow the proportions given by the manufacturer.

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