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S08 INDUSTRIAL FORCE CUT – polishing paste

Primarily designed for the companies which produce goods or forms made of  gelcoat or an industrial topcoat with a high toughness degree.



S08 Industrial Force Sea-Line removes grinding scratches from gelcoat surface  after treatment with sandpaper of gradation P600 or higher.

Using S08 Industrial Force compound allows for shortening the labour time thanks to a high cutting force.

Specialistic polishing paste with a very high cutting force which guarantee quick removal of defects and grinding scratches from a different kind of gelcoat  (especially for polishing of industrial gelcoat)








Surfaceswhite gelcoat
gelcoat finished products
tool gelcoat
industrial varnishes
Functionremoving defects from the surface
Surface preparation *mechanical grindingmanual grinding
light colordark colorlight colordark color
tool gelcoat (technical)P800⇒P1200⇒P2000⇒
high hardness surfacesP800⇒P1200⇒P2000⇒

*grinding paper minimal gradation

Method of use:

Surface preparation :

Clean surface destined for polishing.

P600Polish surface with  sandpaper of final gradation : minimum P600 →

szlifowanie papierem P800Dark colours or hard surfaces polish with  sandpaper of final gradation : minimum P800 →.

Use applicators:

More applicators Sea-Line® / BRAYT

Wool applicators Sea-Line® :

wełna-dwustronna-2Double-sided wool Sea-Line:

(code : 300006614)

wełna-jednostronnaOne side wool Sea-line :

(code:   300006613)

Sponge applicators  BRAYT:

gąbka-białaPolishing sponge “PROFI” :

(code :300005933)

gabka-polerska-na-rzep-grubaPolishing sponge whit velcro :

(white – code : 300000384)

Special applicators Sea-Line® :

wełna-pol.-kula-2Polishing wool BALL (80mm) Sea-Line :

(Kod : 300006619)

Polishing :

Clean surface, apply compound onto an element or head (wool or tough sponge)

praca rotacyjna Apply compound at minimum rotations on the whole surface that is being polished (800-1000 rotations/min) polishing until it changes colour and  compound changes its texture

max obrotySlowly increase speed max. to 1800 RPM working with a little pressure

Further steps :

Clean surface. If after using S08 left any defects:

In order to protect surface, it is recommended to use:



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Answers to frequently asked questions

Why the resin does not harden?

Possible causes

  • Too low temperature of ambitne,
  • Incorrect proportion of base and herdener,
  • Mixing two components from two different manufacturers

How to prevent

  • Apply the correct proportions of components
  • Maintain steady temperature (around 20ﹾC) during whole hardening process,
  • Mix the products thoroughly and bleed the mixture.

How to remove

  • The uncured mass requires complete removal from the surface.

Why are the streaks formed?

Possible causes

  • Wrong viscosity and spraying technique,
  • Failure to maintain proper evaporation time and thickness of layers,
  • Incorrect spraying pressure,
  • Too low temperature of varnish, surface or space ,
  • Wrong thinner or hardener.

How to prevent

  • Apply the right type of application method indicated by manufacturer,
  • Use working spray guns,
  • Both the object and material must have room temperature of 20ﹾC,
  • Apply correct proportion of base and hardener.

How to remove

  • Grinding and polishing,
  • Grinding and painting,

Can I add more hardener to speed up the reaction?

Do not add more hardener, because after the base has cured, the remaining hardener will react with subsequent layers, which will be applied to the surface and cause defects. For the product to work properly, please follow the proportions given by the manufacturer.

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