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S0 FAST CUT & MEDIUM GLOSS – polishing paste







S0 polishing compound  Sea-Line is a polishing paste is designed for professionals – manufacturers, shipyards and products where it forms the outer layer of the technical gelcoat or industrial topcoat with a high hardness.

S0 polishing compound removes imperfections after sanding grit sandpaper, even P800 (depending on the hardness of the surface). The paste is designed to work with with machines with a maximum rotation speed of 2000.

Best when applied with wool and hard sponges.

Surfacesgelcoat, polyurethane paints and varnishes,
Functionremoving defects from the surface

gloss restoring

Surface preparation *mechanical grindingmanual grinding
light colordark colorlight colorlight color
gelcoatP800 ⇒P1200 ⇒P1200 ⇒P1500 ⇒
polyurethane paintP1200 ⇒P1500 ⇒P1200 ⇒P1500 ⇒
hign hardness surfacesP1200 ⇒P1500 ⇒P1500 ⇒P2000 ⇒

* grinding paper minimal gradation

Method of use:

Surface preparation :

Clean the surface destined for polishing. If removing defects is necessary, polish the surface with  sandpaper of the following gradation preliminary polishing: <P500

szlifowanie papierem P800Polish the surface with  sandpaper of final gradation : P800 →

szlifowanie papierem P1200Dark colours or hard surfaces polish the surface with  sandpaper of final gradation : P1200 →

Use applicators:

More applicators Sea-Line® / BRAYT

Wool applicators Sea-Line® :

wełna-dwustronna-2Double-sided wool Sea-Line:

(code : 300006614)

wełna-jednostronnaOne side wool Sea-line :

(code:   300006613)

Sponge applicators  BRAYT:

gąbka-białaPolishing sponge “PROFI” :

(code :300005933)

gabka-polerska-na-rzep-grubaPolishing sponge whit velcro :

Special applicators Sea-Line® :

wełna-białaLamb’s wool type MM Sea-Line

  • (Ø 80 – code : 300006437)
  • (Ø 150 – code : 300005558)
  • (Ø 180 – code : 300005557)

wełna-pol.-kula-2Polishing wool BALL (80mm) Sea-Line :

(code : 300006619)

Polishing :

Clean the surface, apply the compound onto an element or head (wool or tough sponge)

praca rotacyjna Apply the compound at minimum rotations on the whole surface that is being polished (800-1000 rotations/min) polishing until it changes colour and the compound changes its texture

max obrotySlowly increase the speed max. to 1800 RPM working with a little pressure

Further steps :

Clean the surface.

In order to protect the surface, it is recommended to use:

Technical information:

S0 polishing paste – instructional video (PL):


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Answers to frequently asked questions

Why did the polyurethane topcoat become dull?

Possible causes

  • Too short time for evaporation of the thinner,

How to prevent

  • Maintain the right conditions for complete evaporation of the thinner,

How to remove

  • Mat the surface, degrease and apply the paint according to the rule (right conditions and thinning proportions)
  • Polish surface if needed.

Is it necessary to always sand the surface between application of two different products?

We recommend to always sand the surface between applying two different products to ensure uniform surface roughness and adhesion of subsequent layers. The sanded surface should also be cleaned and degreased.

Can I add more hardener to speed up the reaction?

Do not add more hardener, because after the base has cured, the remaining hardener will react with subsequent layers, which will be applied to the surface and cause defects. For the product to work properly, please follow the proportions given by the manufacturer.

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