Cleaning set for your boat

Cleaning set for your boat

Cleaning the boat – it can be simple

We would like to offer a practical set of cleaning products Sea-Line Brayt

The set contains:

Cleaning preparations:

C2 CONCENTRATE CLEANER – concentrate for stubborn dirt

C3 SHAMPOO WITH WAX – wax shampoo to clean the surface during the season

C4 TEAK CLEANAER – concentrate for cleaning and renewal of teak and other exotic wood

Preparations for protecting surface

S4 PROTECT WAX – wax protective surfaces of GPR

Accessories to use:

MICROFIBRE CLOTH – 2 pieces of microfiber cloth

All packed in a 5-litre bucket – necessary to dilute the concentrated preparations
More details :

Sea-Line® C2 CONCENTRATE CLEANER is a concentrated product for cleaning GPR off lingering contaminants. It is a very powerful biodegradable, water soluble cleaner for quick and efficient removal of contaminants from such surfaces as:

Thin Sea-Line® C2 with water at a ratio of:

The modern formula of Sea-Line® C2 Concentrate Cleaner combined with a possibility of diluting the product, depending on the degree of contamination, makes it ideal for removing:

Using a sponge or a brush, apply C2 Concentrate Cleaner.

Removed contaminants and the product residues, rinse abundantly with water. Do not let contaminants dry out on the cleaned surface.

Sea-Line® C3 SHAMPOO WITH WAX is a shampoo with wax for cleaning and protecting gelcoat and painted surfaces. High cleaning power and finish in gloss.

Shake well before use.  Let a small amount dissolve in warm water and clean the vessel. After treatment, always rinse with fresh water. Polish with a dry, soft cloth to retrieve a high gloss shine.

Sea-Line® C4 TEAK CLEANER is biodegradable, water-soluble product for quick and efficient cleaning of teak wood, exotic wood and other kinds of wood. C4 Teak restores the colour and leaves no residues difficult to remove. The product is safe for sealants and adhesives during the wood cleaning.

Thin Sea-Line C4 Teak Cleaner with water at a ratio of:

*1:10 for heavy contaminants

*1:20 for average contaminants

Before you start cleaning, soak the surface thoroughly and let it absorb water. .Using a soft brush, remove contaminants moving along the growth rings. Removed contaminants and the product residues, rinse abundantly with water. Do not let contaminants dry out on the cleaned surface.

After drying, wood can be secured with teak oil.



Perfect gloss with lasting effect and protective cover. Reduces the adhesion of dirt. Suitable for gelcoat and painted surfaces. Sea-Line® S4 PROTECT WAX formula does not leave streaks on

the surface and does not damage the components made of plastic. This modern wax protects the surface against UV rays and settling of dirt, at the same time giving it a perfect and very high gloss.

It is recommended to use Sea-Line ® S4 PROTECT WAX especially a surface which, after the polishing process requires additional security and protection against UV rays. It was created by Sea-Line ® S4 PROTECT WAX protective coating remains on the surface for a long period of time.

The surface must be clean and dry. Apply in a thin layer and rub with a soft microfiber cloth.

Before using Sea-Line® S4 PROTECT WAX is recommended to

wash the surface using one of the specialized formulations for cleaning and washing:

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