New shades of gelcoat filler for small repairs

New shades of gelcoat filler for small repairs

We are happy to introduce in Sea-Line offer five new gelcoat filler shades:

Dark blue, item number 13973

Light gray 06, article number 13972

Ivory 04 article number 13970

Warm white 03 article number 13971

Cool white 02 article number 13974

Our basic colors are still available:

Cream 05 RAL 9001 No. article 11296

Pure white 01 RAL 9010 no. article 11203

To make the selection of the color easier, we marked fillers with a scale from 01 to 06. Number 01 means the lightest shade of white, and 06 is the darkest. To make shade choice easier we supply nautical stores which offer our products with gelcoat samples board.

How does DRY FAST gelcoat filler differ from the competition?

Convenient application: the hardener is in the form of a paste that is easier to mix from the application than the liquid hardener.

Quick repair: hardening time is only 4 hours, compared to other products minimum 12 hours.

Easy application: the self-smoothing surface guarantees an aesthetic effect of repairs even used in amateur use

Easy for polishing: the hardened surface is easy to polish

All Sea-Line gelcoat fillers are available in a capacity of 250g

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