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Opinion of our distributor from Belgium, Marc from BVBA VOSSCHEMIE – Lier.

“We were looking for antifouling alternative, which we have found at Sea-Line. Sea-Line provides full range of repair and maintenance products. We became an exclusive distributor for Benelux with an opportunity to develop in the Netherlands. ”


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Answers to frequently asked questions

Can I use yacht paints for a drinking water tank?

Sea-Line yacht paints are designed for painting the surface of boats and yachts made of various materials, e.g. laminate, wood or steel. We do not have a certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene, which would allow the use of yacht paint to paint the tank with drinking water.

Can I add some thinner to antifouling paint?

There is a possibility of thinning antifouling, but we do not recommend this procedure due to the risk of reducing the effectiveness of the paint. If it is necessary to thin the antifouling paint, it is recommended to dilute it to a maximum of 0-5% (by volume).

Can I purchase products directly from you?

We do not sell retail. Our products can be found in many stores in Poland and abroad. Our distributors run stationary and online stores. The full list of distributors and contacts can be found on our website at the following link click here.

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