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Storage - plastic and metal containers
STORAGE - PLASTIC CUPS, BUCKETS AND METAL CANS - easy paint dispensing material. Ratio diagram printed on a cup facilitates accurate and error-free measuring two-component paints and thinners. Can be use with the lid.

LID for measure cup


TR 400 ml 300004887
TR 650 ml 300004888
TR 1300 ml 300004889
TR 2240 ml 300004890

TR 400 ml 300004986
TR 650 ml 300004987
TR 1300 ml 300004989
TR 2240 ml 300004990

0,365 L TRANSP. 300003441
0,6 L TRANSP. 300003437
1 L TRANSP. 300003439
3 L 300002749
5 L 300002750

box under the lid 0,25 L 500001132
0,5 L 500002490
1 L 500001039
2,5 L 500001226
can the cork 0,25 L 500001139
0,5 L 500001084
1 L 500001038
gallon 3,75 L 500000180
the lid to the box 0,25 L 500000408
0,5 L 500000428
1 L 500000428
2,5 L 500003544
lid of the bucket 5 L 500003543
cover the gallon 500003543
bucket + lid 3 L 500001190
5 L 500001227
10 L 500001261
20 L 500001232
canister under the cap 2,5 L 500001910
5 L 500001911

Protection - Spray Paint Tapes
MASKING TAPES Masking tape Great adherence to plastics and metal. Carrier: flat paper, glue: natural rubber, colour: yellow, thickness: 0,12 mm, temperature resistance up to 80°C.

19 mm x 50 m 300000530
25 mm x 50 m 300000531
30 mm x 50 m 300000532
38 mm x 50 m 300000533
50 mm x 50 m 300000534
Protecting Health and Safety - Workwear

PE-HD protective foil, protects from paint, dust and moisture, necessary during lacquering works.

Cleaner cellulose layer. Contents roll - 280m High-quality cellulose Cleaner for cleaning. Strong structure countering tearing the paper, even when cleaning rough or sharp surfaces. Soft, low dust paper gives excellent results The high absorbency of lifting capacity.

Rotects the respiratory system against dust. Do not use in the small rooms with the inadequate ventilation. Does not protect against gases, vapours and aerosols.

Durable and resistant to momentary solvents effect, elastic not powdered. Do not contain silicones.
Available in handy packs of 3 pairs or in a carton of 100 pieces

Fleece jumpsuit with hood. Protects against dust and liquid chemical products such as paints, primers.


Paste with the abrasive agent. Produced upon the natural solvents from citrus fruits and specially selected components for hand washing, like printer’s ink, soot, car lacquer, cement, greases, graphite oils, etc. The swashed skin is soft and elastic. Does not irritate skin. Ecological product. Does not contain sand. PH 6.0-7.0
4 x 5 m UNIVERSAL 300005703
4 x 5 m 0,005 mm 300000374
4 x 5 m 0,007 mm 300001981

280m 300005703

Hanger 2 pieces 300000408

size X – 3 pairs of pendant 300003447
size XL– 3 pairs of pendant 300003448
size M– box 100 pieces 300004436
size L – box 100 pieces 300000488
size XL – box 100 pieces 300000489

white L 300003257
white XL 300003258
white XXL 300004841

blue M 300004875
blue L 300004767
blue XL 300004873
blue XXL 300004874
blue XXXL 300004841

450 g 300000412
5 kg 300000413


Grinding and polishing

Lamb's wool polishing head – type MM (white)
Made from 100% natural lamb's wool designed to remove defects made of sandpaper, etc. Recommended for use on abrasive paper with gradation of P1200-1500. Product characteristics: high efficiency, elasticity, very stable temperature. Medium thickness, dense, light wool layer of turnip in a spiral pattern.

Lamb's wool polishing head - type D (yellow)
Made from 100% natural lamb's wool. Best for remove defects and refresh all the very hard surfaces such as ceramic coatings, technical gelcoats, industrial coatings cured by UV rays. Product characteristics: high efficiency, elasticity, very stable temperature. The wavy and thick layer of wool makes it smooth and soft.

Polishing Sponge available in four hardnesses, with plastic handle, the handle terminates in a finial cap, which allows easy and stable assembly / disassembly polishing sponge.

Polishing Sponge available in four hardnesses, the handle is made of very strong turnip, reusable, which provides positive retention of the sponge polishing machine.

Polishing Sponge available in four hardnesses, the handle is made of very strong turnip, reusable, which provides positive retention of the sponge polishing machine.

Polishing sponge Ø measuring 150mm x 25mm (thin Velcro), used for finishing work, ideal for final polishing creams, polishing milk or polish. The structure of the sponge allows you to work at higher speeds and does not cause heating of the polished surface. Sponge available in four hardnesses.

Microfibre cloth 40 x 40 cm (red)

Microfibre cloth for finishing effects 40 x 40 cm (grey)

Microfiber apron
150 mm White 300005558
180 mm White 300005557

150 mm Yellow 300005556
180 mm Yellow 300005555

White 300000376
Pink 300000377
Yellow 300000378
Black 300000379

White 300000376
Pink 300000377
Yellow 300000378
Black 300000379

White 300001975
Pink 300001978
Yellow 300001977
Black 300001976

White 300002182
Pink 300002184
Yellow 300002185
Black 300002183

Red 300005575

Grey 300005573

Apron 300005564
Additives for paints

Non skid powder
Non skid powder it is additive to polyurethane topcoats.
Non-slip powder 20 grams, the amount for 750 ml of polyurethane or other surface topcoat.
Add powder to the mixture, mix well and wait 15 minutes.
Apply with roller with short hair. During application, paint must be mix often.
Package 1l kod

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